Sheegl walks away from CAO job

In other news, Sheegl office staff order new paper shredder to replace worn out unit.
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  • In listing his accomplishments, he made no mention of the new firehalls....I wonder why...NOT.
  • heh, Another faithful servant falls on the sword
  • I missed it. He did mention the firehalls.

    They'll be mentioned again I'm sure.
  • Sheegl’s expected compensation: $443,000 (Freep)

    So if you quit you get this bag of cash? Thank goodness we didn't fire him.
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    Why are the Free Press and the Sun, writing about a severance package for Phil Sheegl? The dirty details of the audit have not yet been made public.

    What if Phil Sheegl's misconduct warrants a criminal investigation and police discover that Sheegl was on the take? Until the audit report has been made public and Sheegl has been found not guilty of any crimes, the City and the media need to chill. This is my vision of what should happen after this audit is made public.
    Katz and Sheegl snared in anti-corruption probe

    Katz so far has said and done everything he could to distance himself from this scandal, but if there are criminal activities involved...
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  • Why are the Free Press and the Sun, writing about a severance package for Phil Sheegl? The dirty details of the audit have not yet been made public.
    One has nothing to do with the other.
  • We will be talking about this on Internet Pundits on Wednesday. (101.5 FM) Also: the audit is being released tomorrow (Monday). Should be interesting.
  • Looks like Shindco was found to have received preferential treatment, when it came to bidding for the fire-paramedic station. One wonders if Shindico was given an advantage over other contractors, in bidding of other contracts, or if it influenced the decision to alter Phase II of the BRT route.


    A damning review of Winnipeg's fire-paramedic station construction project found mismanagement at city hall benefited Winnipeg developer Shindico Realty.

    In a long-awaited review of the process by which new fire-paramedic stations were built in Sage Creek, River Heights, Charleswood and St. James, consulting firm Ernst & Young found Shindico was granted four contracts through a series of moves that resulted in no competitive bids for the construction contracts for any of the facilities.
    The total value of the deal for Shindico, including the construction of the fire halls and the sale of its Taylor Avenue property to the city -- which has not been concluded -- is estimated at $18.6 million.

    The report prompted councillors to use terms such as "troubling" and "provocative" to describe the review -- and describe what transpired as a "gong show" and "unprecedented mismanagement," among other epithets.

  • It looks to me as if Katz, Sheegl and Shindleman knew that the process was susceptible to manipulation and took full advantage of it.

    They set the Fireman up to take the fall knowing that he was way over his head.

    It is my feeling that a lot of money changed hands under the table...non of which got to the Fireman.
  • And today's announcement for Sheegl's replacement -- mind-boggling indeed.
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